Wine The Green Revolution (DVD)

de Guillaume Bodin

From the vineyard to the corking of the bottle, making wine is a craft in which each detail counts. The world of wine has experienced early the sensation of losing contact with the earth. To get the best from the grapes, winemakers increasingly apply the practices of biodynamics. This method of biodynamic agriculture is to think in complex agricultural organizations in the presence of animals and cultures, in total harmony nature.

Wine : The Green Revolution presents real challenges of biodynamics in the world of wine following the work of exciting and charismatic winemakers (brothers Bret, Aubert de Villaine, Olivier Jullien…) whose priority is to respect the earth and to transmit it to future generations.


A few biodynamic experiences :

  • Aimé Guibert (17 min)
  • Richard Leroy (8 min)
  • François Chidaine (6 min)
  • Patrick Hudelot (9 min)
  • Thierry Germain (3 min)
  • Olivier Pithon (6 min)
  • Nicolas Jacob (8 min)
  • Cyril Fhal (8 min)
  • Thibault Liger Belair (10 min)
  • Philippe Gilbert (6 min)
  • Marc Guillemot (4 min)
  • Pierre et Vincent Masson (5 min)
  • Pierre Masson (23 min).
Réalisation Guillaume Bodin
Audio / Vidéo
  • NTSC
  • Toutes Zones / All Regions ("Zone 2" printed on the cover is a typo)
  • Format 16/9 - 1.77
  • Stéréo
  • DVD 9
  • Version française sous-titres anglais
  • Original French version - English subtitles
Nombre de disques 1
Durée 3 h 07 min
Année de production 2011
Date de sortie du DVD 13 June 2013
Référence 3346030026038

Éditions Montparnasse

Éditeur : Éditions Montparnasse

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